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    Perfect Kids by Super Nutrition 100 Tablet For the changing nutritional needs of growing children Complete B-complex formula balanced for kids Superior levels of antioxidants to protect kids from environmental pollutants and stress Nutritional herb and greenfood blends DIRECTIONS 4 TO 6 YRS Take 1 tablet after a meal 6 TO 8 YRS Take 2 tablets after a meal 8 TO 10 YRS Take 3 tablets after meals 10 TO 12 YRS take 2 tablets after breakfast and 2 tablets after lunch GREENFOOD BLEND INCLUDED - 240 MG Alfalfa l. spirulina h. chlorella h. and iceland moss NUTRITIONAL HERB BLEND INCLUDED - 240 MG Atractylodes rt. rehmannia rt. gotu kola bk. ginger rt. licorice rt. pau d'arco bk. nettle l. suma st. dandelion rt. fo ti rt. eleutherococcus s. rt. marshmallow rt. astragalus rt. codonopsis rt. schizandra rt. extract.

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