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    PetSafe Elite Big Dog Static Remote Trainer Spend less time training and more time enjoying your dog. At the push of a button, the remote sends a signal, activating your dog's receiver collar from up to 1,000 yards away. The collar delivers a safe, gentle static correction. Your dog will quickly learn the association between his behavior and the correction. The Elite Big Dog Remote Trainer is a reliable, versatile, easy-to-use tool to help you train your dog off-leash. Features: This is a durable and a waterproof receiver collar Features a good/low battery indicator An easy and reliable tool that helps you train the dog off leash It has a digital display on the handheld transmitter Its "tone only" mode gets the dog's attention with a beep Item Specifications: For Use: With dogs 40 pounds and up Correction Modes: 15 Levels of static correction levels Distance: Covers up to 1,000 yards Box Contains: Receiver and adjustable collar Digital remote transmitter Charging adapter Test light tool Wrist strap Operating and training guide Rechargeable batteries Safety Precaution: Risk of skin damage. Please read and follow the instructions in this manual. Proper fit of the collar is important. A collar worn for too long or made too tight on the pet's neck may cause skin damage. Ranging from redness to pressure ulcers; this condition is commonly known as bed sores. Avoid leaving the collar on the dog for more than 12 hours per day. When possible reposition the collar on the pet's neck every 1 to 2 hours. Check the fit to prevent excessive pressure; follow the instructions in this manual. Never connect a lead to the electronic collar; it will cause excessive pressure on the contacts. When using a separate collar for a lead, don't put pressure on the electronic collar. Wash the dog's neck area and the contacts of the collar weekly with a damp cloth. Examine the contact area daily for signs of a rash or a sore. If a rash or sore is found, discontinue use of the collar until the ski

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