• Philips Dual IR Emitter - 3.5mm Plug 10' Cable

    MCM Electronics

  • $8.99

  • Description

    This cable includes a 3.5mm male plug with two separate 10' leads, each having an attached IR emitter. IR emitter brackets include double faced tape to simplify mounting Used with the following name brand model numbers GE 27GT616 27GT722 27GT722TX41 27GT722TX51 27GT730 27GT733 31GT720 31GT740 31GT740YX1 31GT740YX53 35GT740 46GW947 46GW948 46GW948YX1 52GW947 60GW947 PROSCAN PS27125FE1 PS27500 PS27500YX1 PS27600 PS32125FM1 PS32500 PS32500YX1 PS32600 PS32700 PS36125FM1 PS36500 PS36600 PS36700 PS56700 PS61670 PS61670LG1 RCA 32F530TYX1 32F530TYX2 36V550T BD20TF10 D52130 D61130 D61130JX1 D61130YX1 DRD420RE DTC100 F19422 F19424 F19424TX1 F19426 F19430 F19432 F19432TX51 F19436 F19440 F19442 F20645YX1 F20648 F20TF10 F20TF20 F25422 F25422TX1 F25422TX41 F25422TX51 F25422W F25423 F25432 F25432TX1 F25432TX51 F25442 F25645 F25645YX1 F25645YX2 F25648 F25649 F26317 F26432 F27318 F27440 F27440TX51 F27442 F27442TX41 F27442TX51 F27443 F27450 F27615 F27628 F27628YX1 F27628YX51 F27645 F27645YX F27645YX1 F27647 F27648 F27649 F27649TX51 F27650 F27664 F27665 F27667 F27667YX1 F27668 F27668YX1 F27669 F27679BC F27679BCFE1 F27683GYFE1 F27685 F27689 F27689YX1 F27TF700 F31317 F31317YX1 F31665 F32444 F32450 F32450YX01 F32645 F32648 F32648YX F32649 F32649YX50 F32650 F32650YX01 F32665 F32668 F32669 F32674SB F32683SBFM1 F32685 F32685YX1 F32689 F32689YX3 F32690BC F32695 F32695BC F32TF720 F35317 F36450 F36648 F36649 F36650 F36665YX1 F36668 F36669 F36674 F36674ET F36683ETFM1 F36685 F36685YX2 F36689 F36690BC F36695BC F38310 F38310JX1 F38310JX2 F38310JX3 F38310JX4 F38310JX5 G27648 G27649 G27669YX1 G32665YX G32686 G32686LVLX1 G32695 G32695LV G36695 G36695LV G36788LV HD50LPW42 HD52W140 HD52W140YX1 HD61LPW42 HDLP50W151 MM32110 MM36110 MM52100 MM52110 P46921 P52820BL P52830BL P52835LV P52920BL P52921 P52923 P52927 P52928 P52929 P52960 P56830 P56830BL P56927 P56930BL P56940 P56940YX1 P60921 P60923 P60923BL P60923BLYX1 P61927 P61927YX1

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