• Phonics and Word Study for Struggling Readers

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    Meet the phonics needs of your grades 4-6+ struggling readers!  Provide your students with the targeted phonics skills practice they need to become successful readers! Phonics and Word Study for Struggling Readers uses engaging stories and activities rich with spelling/sound patterns and sight words frequently used in reading texts to help students develop fluency and decoding skills.  Turn struggling readers into successful readers with over 200 pages of valuable resources, such as: A comprehensive table of contents that lists the exact phonics skills being addressed in each lesson. Target the skills your students need the most help with.  Teacher overview pages that include ideas for introducing and reviewing each phonics skill geared toward the older student.  Pretests that help pinpoint students' strengths and weaknesses so you can differentiate instruction.  Stories and activities with age-appropriate illustrations and themes to keep older students interested and engaged.  High-frequency word lists that help develop fluency.   High-frequency words selected using well-respected Dolch and Fry word lists.  Students' ability to read high-frequency words quickly and accurately is critical to reading with ease and confidence. The 240 high-frequency words used in Phonics and Word Study for Struggling Readers are compiled from the Dolch Basic Sight Vocabulary and Fry's Instant Words lists.  Provide your students with focused and repeated practice with these critical words using the student word lists and word list booklets.

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