• Pigtronix - Echolution 2 Deluxe


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  • Description

    Pigtronix Exhalation 2 represents a unique marriage of analog tone shaping and DSP processing designed to deliver the ultimate delay pedal experience. Exhalation 2 achieves the ambient richness of the finest tape echo units by using 100% analog Class-A, discrete transistor limiters as well as non-linear tape emulator stages and filters to massage the audio coming through the delay line. Fully capable of handling instrument and line level sound sources, the Exhalation 2 delivers low-noise, high-headroom delay processing with any amp, mixer or DAW rig. Exhalation 2 uses a 24-bit, variable clock, multi-tap delay line where both the read and write heads are simultaneously modulated by a multi-waveform LFO. Changing the delay time results in the smooth pitch bending of an analog delay system but with a Pigtronix twist that allows drastic delay time changes to create musically related octave intervals. The resulting echoes are then processed through an array of filters and special effects, which can be manipulated via assignable expression pedal routing as well as envelope control for each knob. Every feature and algorithm on the E2 can be run simultaneously, in any combination, and all functions of the Exhalation 2 are MIDI controllable. Accessing and navigating the vast palette of sounds available within the Exhalation 2 is easy. Since the pedal is completely programmable, any sound that has been designed using the Exhalation 2 or Exhalation 2 Deluxe pedal can be saved to the unit itself and exported for sharing with friends and other musicians. A dedicated PC/MAC application handles preset management as well as firmware upgrades and also provides Exhalation 2 users with real time access to the sounds and advanced editing functionality of the Exhalation 2 Deluxe.

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