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    Grimms Spiel and Holz Design

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    This stacking game promotes fine motor skills and imaginative thinking while also brings bright colors into your playroom. Moon Houses Piling Game Set can be used to build leaning houses, make curving snakes or colorful designs and shapes. Or play a game either competitively or cooperatively: Who can build the highest tower? How many can we stack together by taking turns?

    These Moon Houses building blocks are all cut individually by hand and thus have no sharp corners and edges. And since they are not painted, the blocks will not slip apart easily when you stack them. Only the lower three blocks are for plugging and serve as the foundation for the stacking experience. With hand-applied windows and doors. Size: 8 in. High, 11 in. Long, about 2.7 in. Deep.

    Building blocks are reclaiming their place as a fundamental toy of early childhood, bolstered by "new" research which shows what parents have known for generations: building, constructing, imagining new designs -- these are tasks that boost a child's cognition and creative capacities. an important companion for the children. The kids build towers and knock them down, fill pots so that they empty them, then fill them again... make rows or long snakes, then stack high walls. Starting at about 3 years, when kids are ready to follow multi-step rules to play games and their imagination begins to emerge, children will create houses, landscapes and various real-world structures and ones from their own world. Blocks promote motor skills, spatial awareness, and perception of color and form.

    About Grimm's
    Inspired by the educational philosophies of Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf education), Germany company Grimm's Spiel and Holz Design creates heirloom quality puzzles, building sets, dolls, baby stackers, rattles and more. Grimm's develops long-lasting toys that help children discover and develop their own creativity.

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