• Pipes Ready! DVD Set-up & Maintenance Guide for the Great Highland Bagpipe

    McGillivray Piping

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    What Pipe doesn't have trouble with his or her pipes? Who wouldn't want them sounding better and easier to blow? In this unique video, one of the world's best and most respected pipers takes you through the steps required to set up your pipes and maintain them in peak playing condition. Bags, reeds, reed selection, watertraps, blowsticks and more - Jim McGillivray covers it all, in clear language, great detail and a style that is both informative and entertaining.
    Chapters: Introduction, Bagpipe tour, The bag, Leather or Synthetic?: Synthetic & Cannister bags, Leather, Airtightness, Installation, Sizes, Grip attachment, Blowsticks, Valves & Watertraps, Fit of Joints, Chanter reeds: Selecting, Making your reed easier, Shaving your reed, Care, Drone Reeds: Cane or synthetic, Seating, Adjusting tongue, Bridles, Tuning screw, Adjustments Chart, Workshop: Lost reeds, Hemping tying-in bags, Seasoning, Oiling

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