• Plant Nanny Watering Globes & Plant Stakes, 12 oz., 3 Pack

    Plant Nanny

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    Bring color to your houseplants and help them stay perfectly watered using the Plant Nanny Watering Globes and Plant Stakes.  This set of three ceramic stakes and glass globes allows you to water a few different potted plants with ease, while bringing a bit of style to your home.  The three glass globes each sport a softly colored finish, and their scalloped design lends drama.  The aqua, green, and blue hints of the globes further the aquatic theme, and each reservoir can hold up to 12 ounces of water.  These globes install into the tops of the included ceramic stakes, which insert into moist soil with ease.  Situate the stakes near the center of your plant for optimal watering.  As the soil around the ceramic stake dries, water will slowly leach from the porous stake to keep the root system hydrated.  Each globe allows you to check water levels in moments, and they can be removed from the stake and refilled with ease for use all season.  Their delicate colors enhance any setting, and help you water several plants at once.  For more versatility, place all three of these stakes into one large plant to keep it watered.  Ensure your potted plants are hydrated with these Watering Globes and Plant Stakes.         

    Note: This package includes 3 Plant Nanny Watering Globes and Plant Stakes. One globe of each color (blue, green, and aqua) is included.

    Dimensions: 1.75"L x 1.625"W x 5"H stakes, 3.5" dia. x 4.625"H globes
    Mounting: stake in soil
    Construction: ceramic, glass

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