• Plantain Leaf C/S Organic - 4 oz

    StarWest Botanicals

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    Plantain Leaf grows on the plant Plantago major L. It is known by several common names, including Common plantain, Greater plantain, as well as Soldier's herb. The leaves of this plant are deeply veined, and the plant itself is an herbaceous perennial. It reseeds very easily and can be invasive in some areas. It should not be confused with the banana-looking plantain, which is a plant in the Musa genus and not related to the Plantain genus of Plantago major L. 
     Cut and sifted refers to the dried leaves being cut to a size ranging from one-eighth to three-eighths of an inch. It is then screened on a fine screen to remove any particles smaller than this size, so that the finished product is evenly sized. Powdered dried herbs from Starwest Botanicals consist of a fine particle size that will pass through a screen of size sixty mesh. Starwest offers the finest quality bulk herbs available.

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