• Plato Treats - Duck Treats (6 per case) - 16 oz

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  • Description

    It is a sad fact, but as much as 20% of all dogs have food allergies. We believe that those dogs are just as deserving of healthy, fresh, and tasty treats as the rest. With that in mind we created our Plato Natural Duck Strips as a solution for dogs with food allergies to chicken and other meats.
    Plato Duck Strips are:
    * Over 90% duck
    * Hypoallergenic,great for dogs with food allergies
    * Naturally high in iron
    * Natural ingredients, fortified with antioxidants
    * No artificial colors, or flavors
    * Naturally preserved.
    * Antioxidant vitamins E and C.
    * No meat by-products or meals.
    * Fortified with Zinc Proteinate

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