• PlayTray (Color: Transparent)


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  • Description

    PlayTray is designed for the Stokke Tripp Trapp chair. PlayTrays soft and round design makes it easy to mount and clean. It has an edge that keeps spilled liquids and items on the tray. Playtray is designed by the Danish designer Carsten Buhl. The tray is made plastic with a non-scratch surface and produced in Denmark from K-Resin RK150 (SBC), which is FDA approved. This NEW version of the PlayTray is compatible with the new plastic baby set. NOTE: We do not recommend this tray for use with the original wooden babyset bar. While the tray does fit the chair it does leave a gap between the bar and tray. Please email or see our UK site for more details on this. Our primary concern always is for baby safety and recommend the use of the harness and babyset for as long as you consider appropriate for your child's age and more important mobility as age is not the best indicator. The harness is not a problem to use with the tray and a good idea if you have a very mobile child. The tray is not a child restraint. Recommendations from the manufacturer, 4mykid can be found at their website. Please ensure you read and comply to these

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