• Plus White 5-Minute Premier Whitening System

    Bilo Beauty

  • $13.70

  • Description

    In as little as five minutes, right at home, you can begin to take advantage of the same process dentists use (oxygenating action) to gently, but effectively, lift away stains. Now, with more bleaching power, whitening will begin to work with the first application and you will see ultra white teeth within days!This Easy-to-Use System Includes: Plus White? Pre-Whitener Rinse which helps remove film and loosen stains from your teeth, enabling the Gel to lift away stains even more effectively. Plus White? 5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel now with more bleaching power for fast and more effective whitening. Comfortable mouthpiece conforms to the shape of your mouth and helps insure mistake-proof whitening. Helps whiten top and bottom teeth at the same time for faster results and better whitening. Once you have reached your target whiteness just use twice a week or as needed to maintain the colour you want.

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