• Pocket Disgusting Sounds

    Prank Place

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    Here it is - the ultimate "Gross out device". Carry our unique "Pocket-Disgusting Sounds Machine" in your pocket and gross out friends and strangers with the simple touch of a button. Great for those awkwardly quiet elevators rides, or while sitting in a restroom stall. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination. Six disgusting sounds include Burp, Puke, Dry Heaves, Loogie Snort, quick Fart, and a long Fart. Batteries are included.
           Carry our disgusting sounds machine in your pocket and secretly belt out one of 6 gross audibles. Great for awkward elevator rides, rest room stalls & more! Choose from Burp, Puke, Loogie Snort, Dry Heaves, Quick Fart, or Long Fart. Button batteries included. 4" long.

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