• Polar Bowl - Freezable Water Bowl for Pets, Small 14 ounces

    Neater Pet Brands

  • $12.99

  • Description

    The Small Polar Bowl can be used by itself or with the Cat & Small Neater Feeders. Pets love cold water! Show your furry friends you really care! Proper hydration is a critical component of your pet's health, especially during warm weather or periods of high activity. Providing fresh, cold water is a great way to encourage your pet to drink. The Small Polar Bowl fits into the Neater Feeder Express or Deluxe for Cats & Small Dogs USE: Place Polar Bowl in freezer for several hours, upon removal fill with fresh cold water and let your pet enjoy! For best results, start with the coldest water possible. Length of cooling effect will vary with ambient air temperature. CARE: Clean before freezing. Dishwasher safe. CAUTION: If placed in dishwasher, bowl will become very hot & should be handled with care. Bowl is made of stainless steel. Gel inside is non-toxic and freezable.

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