• Police Tactical LED Weatherproof Flashlight


  • $7.50

  • Description

    This great light has a high, low and strobe mode. It also offers a zoom in and out function. It is built to withstand hitting, dropping, and tossing around. The aluminum casing features a rubber ring that prevents rolling and absorbs shock from impact. The black powder coating has a durable, semi-flat sheen. Utilizing two separate sources for power, this is one of the most versatile high output LED flashlights available. It comes with an environmentally sound UltraFire rechargeable Li-Ion battery, capable of 3800mAh at 3.7 volts. Alternatively, you can load 3 AAA batteries into the shaft for universal power. The UltraFire battery recharges with a portable battery charger that plugs right into a standard car lighter. Light measures 8'overall.

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