• Polly The Insulting Parrot

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    Polly the Insulting Parrot is hilarious! It is motion activated, so an R-Rated or even X-Rated comment is shouted every time someone passes by. As Polly shouts at everyone passing, it flaps its wings and moves its mouth. This fun adult-oriented toy is a great novelty gift for parties, and always gets a HUGE laugh from EVERYONE! It is a favorite item to keep in the doorway at home or work to greet your guests! It comes with a removable perch, so you can place it on a countertop or hang it anywhere. (4) AA batteries (not included) are required for operation. These are just some of the obnoxious phrases that Polly will shout every time someone passes by: "Hey you! Go F#$% yourself!" "Polly wants a F#$%ing cracker, give Polly a F#$%ing cracker now!" "Hey, Baby! Show us your T#$%" "Who's a pretty Polly, who's a pretty Polly? Not your lard ass!" "Polly wants a B#$% Job! Oh that feels good!" "D#$% Head alert! D#$% Head alert!"

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