• Polly The Insulting Parrot

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    Polly the Talking Parrot looks like your average run of the mill decorative stuffed parrot. Who knows, maybe he can even talk. When someone moves close by, the Talking Parrot sure can talk! When his motion detector is activated he cusses like a drunken sailor while his wings flap. "Does Polly want a cracker?". No, "Polly wants a !@#$% cracker!". The Talking Parrot says this and several other hilarious phrases that will leave you and your guests totally shocked. Requires 4 AA Batteries - not included. Talking Parrot is 8" tall and weighs 2 lbs.
    You've got to be so careful what you say these days, but our Polly the Talking Parrot isn't, and lets them rip with one sensitive and rude wisecrack after another. The Talking Parrot is one dirty little bird. Polly looks innocent enough sitting on his little perch, but when the Talking Parrot detects motion, he lets the expletives fly! In a fun parrot voice, Polly insults anyone who crosses in front of him, and make you want to punt him like a football.
    Talking Parrot has 8 dirty insults!

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