• Poo-Pourri 2 oz Heaven Scent bathroom toilet air freshner odor masking spray


  • $499.50

  • Description

    Newest Fragrance
    2-oz. Bottle
    There once was a young lad from Rhone
    Whose odor he'd rather disown
    Now he's taming his poo
    By anointing the loo
    And now happily sists on his throne.
    Celestial Freshness that's fit for Kings...with every flush an angel gets its wings !! 
    Stop embarrassing odor before you go. This bathroom freshener's natural essential oils create a film on the surface of the water, trapping odor at it's source. This Before-You-Go spray is made with a divine blend of White Jasmine Florals and Natural Essential Oils. You can truly "expect miracles" in your bathroom 
    The 2 oz bottle is the perfect size for your purse or briefcase. 
    Up to 100 uses. 
    All-natural, non-toxic, biodegradable. 
    Never tested on animals. 
    Made in the USA.

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