• Porcelain Filter Holder #6

    Frieling / emsa / cilio / durgol / Sitram / ADE / Zenker / Victorian Baking Ovens

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  • Description

    Brew the old-fashioned-way - for better flavor   porcelain filter holders in 3 sizes   For a superior cup of coffee, brew it fresh: Simply place a filter* inside these porcelain filter holders and place it atop a coffee pot, insulated server, or mug. Manual brewing brings out a clean, smooth flavor as it takes out the harshness of certain coffees.    It's easy:    Rinse filter holder with hot water. Set atop of coffee pot, insulated server or mug. Place filter inside holder.  Add ground coffee (medium to fine grind). Per 5 fl. oz. cup, use 0.3 oz freshly ground coffee.  Starting in the center, pour a small amount of the pre-heated and pre-measured water in a circular motion over the ground coffee until the surface is wet. Wait for 30 seconds to let the coffee "bloom", then slowly add the remaining hot water.  Total brew time should be between 2-3 minutes. Made of fire-proof hard porcelain.    * The smallest filter holder accommodates a cone filter #2, medium #4, large #6. You may use paper or mesh cone filters, but for the purest taste sensation, we recommend Frieling's permanent foil filters (gold tone or 23 karat gold plate), also available at Amazon.

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