• Portable USB Tape Converter with Headphones

    Ion Audio

  • $53.31

  • Description

    In addition to transferring your tapes, you can listen to the Cassette Tape Converter as a handheld USB tape player, through your stereo, headphones or other speaker system. It plays Chrome or Normal as a cassette tape player. This is the USB portable, tape-to-MP3 player handheld that both plays, and transfers. Handheld USB tape player has an easy-to-use USB connection for sending music on your tapes right into your Mac or PC where it is turned into MP3 files. From there, you can load the files onto your portable music player, or record them onto a CD and listen in your car. Or, as a cassette tape player, you can use the USB connection to play cassettes on your computer or digital speakers.

    Take it with you to record or recover, no matter where you are. This USB portable, tape to MP3 player, goes where you go.

    • Portable: fits in any bag for on-the-go transport and transfer

    • Handheld USB tape player runs on battery power, or with a USB cable

    • The U

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