• Posture Pump Disc Hydrator Deluxe Full-Spine (Model 4100)

    Posture Pro, Inc

  • $325.00

  • Description

    4100 Deluxe Full Spine Posture Pump is designed to use uniquely angled air cells to stretch the sponge-like portion of your spinal discs. It gradually lifts, stretches, and separates the neck and back joints into their proper curved shape. Such action will produce a warm, relaxed feeling through the neck and back. When it is in place, it reinforces the spines natural shape and promotes joint imbibitions, joint nutrition, flexibility and correct posture. With multi-vectored force, the angled air cells remove compression from your lumbar discs so that nutrient-rich fluid can be absorbed. With the 4100 Posture Pump, you can inflate, rock, and stretch the thoraco-lumbar / lumbo-pelvic spine into its natural elliptical configuration with the uniquely angled air cells. It's not too late to regain your posture. The most important thing one can do to improve their posture now, no matter how bad, is to use the right equipment and adopt a more active lifestyle. Use it while lying down on any flat surface for an effective back, abdominal, and pelvic work-out. 1 year parts and labor warranty.

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