• Pot, Flame - 2.0L, 16cm

    Eva Solo

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    Contemporary cooking combining the best of design and technology, the Gravity Cookware line by Eva Solo is for the professional or the home chef.   With an exterior of clean stainless steel and a clean and polished to not react with foods or alter food flavors.   The base offers a high tech triply technology, sandwiching the aluminum core with outer layers of stainless steel.  The stainless steel handles stay cool on the stovetop, with a unique silicon / glass with a built in steam vent and integrated colander.  Each piece is 
    Inspired by quality, function and innovation, Eva Solo began making unsurpassed cookware in 1913 years ago.  Constructed of the finest materials and designed to perform from the "weekend cook" to the high-end french chef.  Designed to last a lifetime, Eva Solo cookware makes cooking (and cleaning up) a pleasure.  Create delicious meals for friends and family, and bring warmth and joy into your kitchen.

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