• Pot, Flame - 3.0L, 18cm

    Eva Solo

  • $139.00

  • Description

    Eva Solo Gravity series - a brand new range of cookware from Eva Solo. "With this new series of pots and pans which we have designed for Eva Solo, we have tried to find solutions to some of the problems caused by gravity when standing at the cooker - hence the name of the series," says Claus Jensen from Tools®. "In designing the series, we envisaged how the saucepan lid could rest on the edge of the saucepan, and we saw it as an innovative touch if the ladle could also hang on the edge, even when the lid is on the pot." The Gravity series consists of three pots in different sizes, a sauté pot and a frying pan with a non-stick Slip-Let® coating and a range of kitchen utensils.

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