• Power of Observation for Birth Through Eight

    National Association for the Education of Young Children

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    The Power of Observation explores the vital connection between observation and effective teaching. Much more than a set of skills, observation is a mind-set of openness and wonder that helps teachers and caregivers learn more about each child in their care. The link between observation and relationship building is an important theme of this book. The authors share their own and others' experiences to illustrate how observation helps teachers and caregivers become more effective in the child care center, preschool, family child care home, and elementary classroom. Offering guidelines for purposeful observation and specific strategies to help refine your skills, The Power of Observation helps you make observation an integral part of your teaching. This second edition includes expanded guidance on applying observations to your daily practice. It also features a new study guide informed by recommendations from the many university and community college professors who use this book as a textbook for their courses.

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