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    What We Do: PR Bar's Fastburn formula eliminates hunger‚ increases mental focus‚ and optimizes performance by controlling blood sugars and using body fat for fuel. Why It Matters: From Olympians and everyday athletes‚ to moms on the go‚ diabetics and those looking to increase performance‚ controlling blood sugars is the key. Why It's Better: By controlling blood sugars‚ PR Bar's all-natural‚ awesome-tasting product eliminates hunger while using body fat to fuel daily activities allowing everyone to set their own personal record. Eat. Go. Share: Have a PR and drink some water‚ then spend a couple of hours doing your favorite activity‚ your hardest training session‚ or even your busiest day at work. 200 calories‚ 15 g protein‚ 22 g carbs‚ 6 g fat. All-Natural. Controls Hunger. No Sugar Alcohols. No Trans Fat. Gluten-Free.

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