• Premium Thermal Carafe - Brushed Stainless, 34 oz. / 1.0 liter


  • $33.98

  • Description

    This vacuum-insulated carafe maintains and serves any hot or cold beverage at the proper temperature. Press your thumb against a button on the handle, and the spout opens to allow pouring. The carafe's satin-finish, stainless-steel exterior and black plastic accents create a modern, functional appearance. Rinsing the carafe's glass interior with warm water is usually the only cleaning necessary, but swirling a teaspoon of mild detergent diluted in warm water around with a soft sponge or cloth removes stains. The exterior merely needs wiping with a damp cloth.  --Fred Brack 
           Contemporary styling & large handle / One touch quick serve button / Vacuum glass liner for heat retention / Brushed stainless finish / 34 Ounces Capacity

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