• Pretty Pushers I Dream of Delivery Gown - Multi (Black / One Size (2-16 pre-pregnancy))

    Pretty Pushers

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  • Description

    All Pretty Pushers delivery gowns are 100% pure American cotton; dyed and printed with water-based substances. They are meant to be worn, disposed of, and not to have hot water and harsh chemicals wasted on cleaning them. This is a smart option to other designer delivery gowns which cost too much to be 'disposable', yet really what else can be done with a messy gown that's just gone through labor... be washed by the hospital staff? Bagged up and taken home two days later? Not a chance! The Pretty Pushers gown is an easy, inexpensive alternative! And the best aspects of these delivery gowns are the openings in all the right places. Many modern labors involve epidurals, monitors, and other IV cords. Women are left disappointed by the traditional labor gowns which allow for none of the above! The Pretty Pushers gown was designed with a halter neck and low-cut back for epidural access. Additionally, there is an opening (with tie closure) at the front of the gown for both the fetal monitor and the mother's monitor, if needed. Pretty Pushers utilizes as much recycled and recyclable material as possible in their packaging and shipping components. Of course as the company grows, so will their use of modern technology and ideas to lessen even more their impact on the environment. This company holds a strong social commitment, too...All products are 100% Made in America.

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