• Prevue Hendryx Wire Patio Sundeck, 8 inch

    Diamond Avian (A-G)

  • $6.85

  • Description

    Create a Fun World for Your Feathered Friends 
    Add a different level of fun and fitment formula in your lovable bird's life with Prevue Black Wire Patio Sundeck that can provide an extra space for birds to sit, play or rest. This wire patio sundeck gets easily fitted into the cage to make a separate compartment for each bird. Now, birds can also enjoy big space and relax with this sundeck.
    Prevue Black Wire Patio Sundeck
    Easily attached to cages
    Portable and easy to clean
    Simple yet enjoyable
    Let your birds enjoy their personal space wherein they can relax and enjoy sunbath time.
    A Closer Look: This Patio Sundeck is made of wire and natural wood. 
    Made Specially for: Birds of all sizes

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