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    The Pro Axle Press will improve the speed of your pinewood derby car by performing three critical procedures on nail type axles: 1. Axle Straightening - Ensures accurate wheel tracking by creating absolutely straight axles. Improved wheel tracking equals greater speed! 2. Axle Rounding - Ensures accurate wheel rotation by creating absolutely round axle shafts. Improved wheel rotation equals greater speed! 3. Head Squaring - Ensures proper wheel rotation by squaring the axle head to the axle shaft. Improved wheel rotation equals greater speed! 4. Raised Wheel and Alignment Adjustments - When it is necessary to purposely bend an axle (to raise a front wheel or make an alignment adjustment), the Pro-Axle Press serves as a handy clamping device for holding the axle while making the bend. When using nail-type axles, the Pro-Axle Press and Pro-Body tool work together to make a well-aligned and smooth rolling car. Note: The Pro-Axle Press was designed and tested for use on BSA and PineCar nail-type axles. It may also be suitable for nail axles from other kits. The press is not intended for use with rod-type (Awana) or screw-type (Royal Rangers) axles.Instructions Included

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