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    The Pro Hub Tools are precision machined devices to improve the accuracy of wheel hubs. These tools perform the following important wheel preparation functions: (Inner) Pro-Hub Tool 1. The Pro Hub Tool is used for sizing wheel hub bores. Hubs can vary in size as much as .010" in molded wheels. The Pro Hub Tool will allow the builder to ream their wheel hubs all to the same size or help in selecting 4 wheels with similar hubs, this is one if the most important steps in alignment because it allows the car to sit square with equal radius's on all wheels [distance from the hub to the tread] even if all of the wheels are the same finished size, the hub variances will prevent the car from sitting square to the track. 2. The Pro Hub Tool is used for squaring hubs. All hubs have defects from the molding process that prevents them from being mounted correctly on a mandrel. The Pro Hub Tool will square the in-board hub to the centerline of the wheel, which allows for the most accurate tread face finishing. 3. The Pro Hub Tool is used for coning the hubs. All derby cars will benefit from coning the in-board hub for a reduction in body to hub friction. The Pro Hub Tool makes a even, polished cone that reduces body contact by 95% and can even be used to polish in graphite by adding a small amount in the dished end after coning for even more friction reduction. Instructions Included

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