• ProAccurate Insta-Read Beverage & Frothing Thermometer

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    Froth milk to just the right temperature for lattes or cappuccinos with this InstaRead thermometer by CDN. A specially designed stainless-steel clip holds the thermometer firmly to the side of any size pitcher or pan; when the clip is removed the slender stainless-steel probe inserts easily into roasting meats and poultry for a fast temperature read-out. Even though the dial measures only one inch in diameter the high visibility red pointer and large numbers make it easy to read temperatures which range from 60 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit and can even be recalibrated for continued accuracy. The thermometer may be used on meats taken out of a conventional oven microwave grill rotisserie and smoker but should be removed from the meat as soon as the temperature is registered since the polycarbonate lens is not oven-proof. The protective sheath for the thermometer features a pocket clip and loop to conveniently hold the probe and lists various types of meats along with the USDA recommended internal temperature for each. A five-year warranty covers the thermometer against defects. With clip removed probe is perfect for testing roasted meats Compact thermometer ideal for small frothing pitchers and hot beverages Computer-designed clip holds firmly to any size container Temperature range 60 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit Large numbers and red indicator needle makes reading easy

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