• Proden Plaque Off - 60g Bottle


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    Just A Sprinkle a Day... keeps the plaque away! That's right, sprinkle this 100% natural powder, made from a specific strain of seaweed, on their food. After ingesting, your pets' saliva will break down the bacterial biofilm that forms on their teeth and gums which holds plaque and tartar. Also prevents bad breath, and plaque and tartar from returning. Dogs love it! Lasts one full year for one small dog. 60 grams. This specially selected seaweed strand D1070, has been found to be of benefit in terms of reduction of plaque and calculus. When the seaweed strand is ingested, the ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream and then impart to the composition of the saliva an ability to dissolve tartar and to prevent new layers from gaining a foothold. Just a sprinkle a day of ProDen PlaqueOff can significantly help control dental plaque, tartar and bad breath.

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