• Professor Pyraminx

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    Professor Pyraminx puzzle is another brain teaser in the tradition of Rubik's cube style puzzles.  Sometimes referred to as rotational puzzles or sequential movement puzzles.

    Twist and turn any of the four points of the pyramid to scramble all the individual colored surfaces. The object is to get all the colors back to their correct side (all yellow on one side, all blue on another side etc.) Technically this is not a true pyramid in the sense of an Eygptian Pyramid with 4 sides and a base. This puzzle has three side and a base.

    This is a very challenging puzzle rated as a level 10 by the north american distributor on a scale of 5 to 10, where 10 is the most difficult. Your experience is likely to differ. The twist and turns are substantially different from a standard square rubik's cube, but the challenge is similar if not more difficult.

    According to Wikepedia the world record for solving pyraminx is in the 3 second range.

    Recommended for ages 12 through adult.

    As a caution This and All similar rotational puzzles can be damaged by turning improperly lined- up sides. Forcing this puzzle can damage it beyond repair.

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