• Profiles in Jungian-Christian Dialogue: John Sanford and John Costello

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    32 minutes for the John Sanford interview.
    26 minutes for the John Costello interview.
    Christianity has a tremendous need for a psychology like Jung's and the wide-spread interest on the part of Christians in his psychology can be taken as a recognition of that fact. But the Jungian-Christian dialogue has been going on for more than 40 years and something keeps it from flourishing. In this series of profiles we are going to meet people involved in different facets of this dialogue, try to discover what is happening in it today, and what hopes there are for it in the future.
    In this video we are in San Diego visiting Jack Sanford, an Episcopal priest and Jungian analyst, who is well known in both Christian and Jungian circles for his books and lectures. Among his many books are: The Invisible Partners, Healing and Wholeness, Fritz Kunkel, The Strange Trial of Mr. Hyde, and Mystical Christianity: A Psychological Commentary on the Gospel of St. John. Here he shares how as a young clergyman he became interested in Jung's psychology, and he addresses the need for a Jungian-Christian dialogue, and what obstacles stand in its way.
    In this video we also are in London, England, visiting John Costello, both a Jungian analyst and a practicing Catholic. He is very concerned with how religious belief relates to Jungian psychology. Since there were only a few analysts who felt a religious attitude was important, he started a special training group a few years ago to train analysts who were interested in the interface between religion and psychology.

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