• Progressive International Collapsible Tub

    Progressive, Intl

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    Handy for use all around your home, this all-purpose, medium-sized collapsible tub from Progressive International is perfect for washing dishes, cleaning the floor, hand-washing delicate clothes, and more. It's even ideal for using outdoors, such as for weeding your kitchen garden, or icing beverage bottles on the back deck, or even for cleanup at a campsite. Design details include round feet that raise the tub off the ground and handles integrated into the rim of the tub. And when you're finished using the tub, it collapses to one-third its original height for easy storage--to just 1-3/4 inches. It has a 10-quart capacity (2-1/2 gallons), and it's dishwasher safe for easy cleaning after your chores.   Multi-purpose tub collapses to 1/3 its original height when storing.   Great for washing dishes, cleaning floors or even soaking your feet.       About Progressive International   After 38 years in business, Progressive International is still dedicated to creating functional gadgets, tools, food-prep items and household products to make your cooking and meal preparation more efficient and fun. Located in Kent, Washington, Progressive's products are sold in the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, and other international markets.         Progressive Makes Cooking Cool   More than a workspace, the contemporary kitchen is the heart of the home where we connect with family and friends, and Progressive's philosophy of product design aims to create the perfect balance of form, function and value for your kitchen. The design process pulls from many different research methods such as ethnographic research, consumer testing, surveys, and in-home observations, identifying real life problems in the kitchen that translate to fresh, new ideas for smarter products.

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