• ProOne M G2.0 single filter $39.95

    Propur USA

  • $39.95

  • Description

    Newfor 2014, announces it'smost
    advanced water filter innovation yet...
    Pr OneGTM 2.0
    Pr purTM
    The ProOne G2.0 Advantage!
    ■ ALL-IN-ONE water & fluoride filter
    ■ Silver impregnated self sterlizing
    ■ Increases pH up to 9.5
    ■ Removes Glyphosate, Monochloramines,
    Pharmaceuticals and more - see lab report
    for complete details
    ■ 2.75" diameter for up to 54% more surface
    area and greater filtration performance
    over conventional 2" filters
    ■ ProOne G2.0 filters do not require priming
    ■ Ideal for just about any water source including
    lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, rain and tap

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