• ProPur King Water Filter with 4 ProOne G 2.0 9" All in one filters - 4 Gallon

    Propur USA

  • $488.00

  • Description

    Included-ProPur King Unit, 4 ProOne G2.0 9" elements, a solid stainless steel spigot, Non-Slip rubber pad, cleaning scrubber, 2 hole plugs and instruction manual
    Holds 4 gallons of water. Can accommodate up to 4 filters. Easy to assemble, use and clean, No PRIMING REQUIRED!
    Constructed of heavy duty polished stainless steel with no seams to rust or leak! 11" X 23.25" Assembled, 11" X 12.75" nested for storage or travel.
    The ProOne G2.0 filters exceed NSF 42 standards, are available in California, and are designed for removal of bacteria, chemicals including Chlorine, Chloramines, heavy metals, VOC's, and Fluoride. Tested and shown to reduce the levels of 17 different pharmaceuticals by >95%. Also shown to reduce the levels of 4-methylcyclohexane methanol (MCHM), the chemical involved in the West Virginia chemical spill, by >99%. See description for a more comprehensive list of contaminants.
    ProOne G2.0 filters are good for 1200 gallons each, 2400 gallons for a 2 filter system. Silver impregnated for self-sterilizing properties.

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