• Proraso Shaving Cream Tube

    C.O. Bigelow

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    The original Proraso line View larger   Since 1948 technology has changed, but the passion for our job has not. This is why we aren’t concerned with following fashion, but striving for quality instead. Proraso has been the Italian barbers’ choice since 1948. For all Italians, Proraso has always been the brand that symbolizes shaving.   The Quality has the Same Principles as Ever   Nature:  Over 95% of our ingredients have a natural origin.   Selection:  No Parabens, No Silicons , No Mineral Oils, No  SLS.   Tradition:  We guarantee the products’ quality thanks to traditional methods such as hot soap processing.    Time:  We let our compounds mature over time in small production  in order to obtain more concentrated, rich and creamy products.   Proraso, The King of the Market   The leader within professionals, Proraso offers all the quality of its products to the best Italian barber shops. With an exceptional fidelity rate, Proraso has captured a leading position in Italian homes.     3 Special Formulations     With eucalyptus oil and menthol   It refreshes and tones all types of skin while softening bristles to guarantee the perfect shave. Classic fragrance with notes of eucalyptus and menthol.       With green tea and oatmeal     It protects sensitive skins helping the razor to slide over smoothly and avoiding damage and irritation. Fresh fragrance with fruity notes of lime and apple.       With sandalwood oil and shea butter     For thick and coarse beards, it regenerates and nourishes even the driest skin. Spicy fragrance with the aromatic notes of sandalwood.

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