• Puremco Mexican Train and Chicken Game Centerpiece Kit

    Puremco (Dominoes)

  • $69.69

  • Description

    This is the ultimate accessory kit for both Mexican Train and Chickenfoot Dominoes, which are the most popular domino games around. Set includes the exciting new Dual-Sound Electronic Centerpiece with a separate rooster and train sounder for either game. Nine colorful glitter-covered train markers, complete rules and a 50-page Dual-Use Score pad are also included. Everything necessary to play both games, with any Double 9, 12, 15 and 18 dominoes set. Chickenfoot plays with Double 9 dominoes, Mexican Train can play with Double 12's, 15's or 18's. The Mexican Train & Chickenfoot Game Centerpiece Kit is a great gift for domino fans! If you're new to dominoes, you will definitely want to try either Mexican Train and/or Chickenfoot, and this set has everything you need to learn and play in style-just add dominoes!

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