• Radiant Body Yoga - Sun Energy

    Kia Miller - Radiant Body Yoga

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    Radiant Body Yoga - Sun Energy is the first release in Kia Miller's Radiant Body Yoga Series.
    This life enhancing DVD is recommended for anyone interested in mastering the body and calming the mind. 
    Radiant Body Yoga - Sun Energy features 3 classes of approximately 30 minutes each and 4 stress-reducing meditations. 
    Like the energy of the sun, these practices will revitalize your entire body. Use the breath meditations to manage stress, calm your mind and change your energy in just 3 minutes. 
    The Strength and flexibility from these practices will put you on a path of mastery as you learn to better control your body and mood through movement and breath.
    An outstanding soundtrack of upbeat rhythms and mantra will surround you on this journey. Featuring music by Aykanna, Tom Freund, Adam Topol and Annmarie Solo.

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