• Raising Cats Naturally: How to care for your cat the way nature intended

    Blakkatz Publishing / Lulu

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    "The time has come to look again at the basic ideas of the nature of living things if we hope to redeem the health of our pets. Raising Cats Naturally discusses those basic ideas in a clear, extremely well researched way. I wish every cat guardian would read this book!" --Linda East, DVM "This is a wonderful, comprehensive, all-you-need-to-know guide to natural feeding and cat care. Unlike other books on these subjects, every discussion and recommendation in Raising Cats Naturally is supported by Michelle's thorough, documented research, yet her book remains easy to read and understand." --Jean Hofve, DVM "This no-nonsense, straightforward book about feeding cats and caring for them naturally is a must have for anyone who lives with a kitty. We all want to do the best we can for our furry friends and this book is one that fits the bill." --Mary Wulff-Tilford, DiHom.

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