• Rapitest Digital Plus Soil PH Meter

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  • Description

    The Rapitest Deluxe Digital PLUS Soil pH Meter is programmed with plant pH preferences for over 400 fruits, vegetables, grasses and landscape plants.  The testers digital display is easy to read.  All results are displayed on the digital LCD screen, ranging from 3.5 to 9.0 The tester allows you to set 3 different groups:
    ·         Favorites: Allow you to build a list of the plants that you are growing.  When you have a favorites list you can click on this function and go directly to your list of plants. 
    ·         Basic Mode: Basic mode goes directly to the pH test screen, without a specific plant selection 
    ·         Plant List: When plant list is chosen, the meter will divert to an alphabetical selection list for choosing a plant from the built in pH database of over 400 plants

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