• Raw Organic Sproutable Almonds-1 lbs.

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    100% Raw, Organic Almonds, Sproutable (Nonpareils) medium-sized uniform kernels with light colored skins, smooth exteriors, classic oval shape. A standout variety of California. We get these shipped direct from the farm in California to us. Almonds are loaded with fiber and calcium and are an excellent source of vitamin E.
    We always store our nuts under refrigeration until shipped so you will get the freshest almond available (direct from the farm). Refrigerating your nuts keeps them fresher longer. THESE ALMONDS ARE PUT THROUGH A STEAM CHAMBER FOR 20 Seconds and then cooled. This qualifies them to be sold in the US as pasteurized and we believe they can be considered raw. These almonds are sproutable and widely used by Living/Raw Food Manufacturers.
    Packaged in a dairy-free, peanut-free, gluten-free, vegan facility.
    Net wt.: 16 oz (454 g, 1 lb)

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