• RAZOROCK Jaws - Open Comb - 3 Piece

    Italian Barber

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    RazoRock Jaws Three Piece Open Comb Double Edge RazorEver since my partner and I plunged into the traditional wet shaving business, one of our quests has been to find a high quality, but low-priced safety razor, to offer our customers. The honest truth is... most men first try their hand at traditional wet shaving because of the economic benefits; it definitely makes a lot of cents (pun intended ;-)) to spend 15-20 pennies on a double-edge blade, rather than 3-5 dollars on a multi-blade cartridge.The problem was, most good quality safety razors start in the neighbourhood of $30-50, and this is for a “chrome over pot metal” razor. In the days of old, the Gillette safety razors were usually “chrome over brass” and lasted decades. We could have offered a lower quality/lower priced safety razor a long time ago, but that's not how the boys at ItalianBarber and RazoRock do business. We truly care about our customers and we strive to only offer high quality at affordable prices. Well... I'm happy to say, I think we have done it again!The new RazoRock Safety Razors come in both a Three-Piece design (TP) and a Twist-to-Open (TTO easy load) design. The Twist-to-Open models are chrome over a brass frame, the way it should be! The Three-Piece models sport a chrome over brass handle with a chrome over zinc alloy head. These, my friends, are safety razors the way they use to be made! The best part... we are offering these razors at extremely aggressive prices because we want to show the world that an amazing traditional wet shave can be had with an extremely low budget!

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