• Re-Forming Gifted Education: How Parents and Teachers Can Match the Program to the Child

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    "A must-read for parents and others determined to make a difference in the lives of gifted young people." --  Davidson Institute, 2002 "A wonderful guide for parents of gifted children." --  Challenge Newsletter of the Center for Gifted Studies, Winter, 2003 "Defines gifted educational strategies and programs thoroughly...Recommended"  --  Choice, October, 2002 "Dr. Rogers has written a splendid and informative book...an absolute must for the parents of G/T children." --  Feedback Magazine, Fall, 2003 "Equips teachers with a strong knowledge base and alternative ways for accelerating and enriching gifted students in the classroom." --  Virginia Association for the Gifted Newsletter, Spring, 2002 "Re-Forming Gifted Education is highly recommended reading and a welcome addition to professional and student teacher reading lists." --  The Midwest Book Review  The Midwest Book Review "Re-Forming Gifted Education is...comprehensive, well-organized, and child-centered...a superb advocacy manual...for families with gifted children." --  Outlook, the Minnesota Council for Gifted and Talented, April/June, 2002 "Rogers helps parents commnicate with schools by furnishing them with ideas for securing more appropriate and challenging educational experiences" --  Duke Gifted Letter, Summer, 2002 "a clear, concise blueprint for crafting an educational plan across all levels of schooling for gifted learners." --  Gifted and Talented International, Volume SVII, Spring 2002 Winner of the 2003 Glyph Award! --  Glyph Award 
           Dr. Rogers is Professor in the Curriculum and Instruction Department at the University of St. Thomas, in St. Paul, MN. She has published over 80 articles on curriculum for gifted students. Her paper for the National Research Center on Gifted and Talented has been read by over 500,000 people worldwide.

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