• Read and Understand Science, Grades 4-6 - Teacher Resource Book

    Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

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    Read and Understand, Science, Grades 4-6+ presents stories that range from high-third grade to high-sixth grade in readability. Topics presented include Life Science (the common cold, tide pool life, yeast, diversity of animal eyes, conflict of conservation and tourism, cell structure and diversity, sickle-cell anemia), Physical Science (potential and kinetic energy, types of solar radiation, light reflection and refraction, chemical compounds, flight and rocketry, the periodic table of elements), Earth & Space Science (gravity, comets, types of rocks, total solar eclipse, tornadoes, tectonic plates and earthquakes, global warming), Science & Technology (the process of invention, alternative fuel sources, invention of the microwave, improving airplane wing design, global warming, telescopes, communications devices through the years).

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