• Recognizing Celiac Disease: Signs, Symptoms, Associated Disorders & Complications

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    "A very thorough review of the literature!  A useful resource." --  Peter Green, MD, Director, Celiac Disease Center, Columbia University. "As simpler and more available testing is becoming available,  celiac disease is emerging as a significant disease with a diversity of  clinical presentations, often unrelated to the gastrointestinal tract.   Recognizing Celiac Disease provides medical personnel with a concise  picture of the many clinical manifestations of how this disease can be  expressed. Additionally, it discusses in-depth, the multitude of diagnostic  techniques necessary to conduct a comprehensive differential diagnosis,  along with the detailed treatment considerations. Specifically, the  complexities of gluten free diet regimens are meticulously discussed.   Recognizing Celiac Disease is a comprehensive celiac disease reference that  will serve as a manual for physicians and medical personnel that diagnose  and treat this complex disease process." --  Wayne A. Satz, MD, FAAEM, Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine, Medical Director, Temple University Hospital Emergency Department "I took great delight in reviewing Recognizing Celiac Disease by  Cleo Libonati. The book is masterful!  Recognizing Celiac Disease should go  a long way toward increasing celiac awareness and helping folks restore  their health and reclaim their lives.     Our goal at the NFCA is to raise awareness and have folks properly  diagnosed.  Cleo has created a comprehensive resource guide to augment our  efforts.  I found it to be a unique resource for understanding celiac  disease.  Not only is Recognizing Celiac Disease an in-depth guide with  current tests for diagnosis and options for management and treatment, but  it also helps alert doctors and other healthcare providers to a multitude  of potential health consequences that may result from undiagnosed celiac  disease and, therefore, continued exposure to gluten. The format is very  easy to use and understandable.  This well-researched reference manual  answers the need for a quick way to access up-to-date information needed to  identify individual symptoms.    I definitely will keep a copy right by my desk and recommend Recognizing  Celiac Disease to healthcare professionals and patients alike." --  Alice Bast, Founder and Executive Director, National Foundation for Celiac Awareness "It was a pleasure to review `Recognizing Celiac Disease' by Cleo  Libonati.  I found the format `user friendly' for matching symptoms and  related complications of celiac disease an especially valuable resource.  The well constructed appendixes make reference information easy to locate.  The educational aspects of the manual are clear, comprehensive and  complete.  This manual will serve as an excellent informational reference  for our membership, as well as physicians, dietitians and other heath care  professionals. The presentation provides useful, reliable,  easy-to-understand health and diet information to supplement the  information from one's health team.  Cleo Libonati and her manual,  `Recognizing Celiac Disease' has achieved the motto of CSA-`Celiacs Helping  Celiacs' and CSA thanks her for this professional work." --  Mary A. Schluckebier, BS, MA, Executive Director, Celiac Sprue Association - USA "Recognizing Celiac Disease is an excellent up to date and most  comprehensive manual that is based on The National Institutes of Health  sponsored Consensus Development Conference of June 2004.   This work delivers an overview of celiac disease with a concise picture of  the pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnostic tools and treatment  of celiac disease. Most of all, it expands on the nutritional deficiencies  and complications of this disease, emphasizing the dietary management of  these patients.   This work will serve as an excellent reference to physicians, medical  students, dietitians, patients and the general public as well." --  Kenneth R. Falchuk, MD, Associate Clinical Professor, Harva

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