• Recoil AUTOMATIC Cord Winder for Headphones, USB Cables and Charger White

    Recoil Winders

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  • Description

    Tangled Cords Are The Problem... Recoil Winders Are The Solution! Recoil Cord Winders INSTANTLY and AUTOMATICALLY wind, store and organize headphones, earbuds, USB cables, phone, tablet and reader chargers, Apple related cords and other types of cords and cables. The Recoil MML Combo Pack includes 2 Medium and 1 Large winder, and also comes with the Recoil Rack which keeps your Winders locked in and organized. Together these 3 Winders are guaranteed to eliminate the frustration of tangled cords and cables once and for all. Recoil's innovative spring-loaded design completely eliminates the frustration of tangled and unruly cords and will keep your desk, home, purse, backpack and car organized and free of cable clutter. To use the Recoil Winder, simply fold your cable in half, place the bend onto the winder, give it a small tug and watch your cables get smoothly and instantly wound inside the sleek protective shell. We are all sick and tired of tangled cords and cables, and Recoil Winders will instantly untangle your life. Get Recoil and Never Fight Tangled Cords Again! Invented and based in Park City, Utah, Recoil products carry 100% satisfaction guarantee. This is the ORIGINAL Automatic Retractable Cord Winder.

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