• Rediscover the Ancient Mysteries of Egypt DVD

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    More than 5,000 years ago, a great people rose up from the marshes of the Nile Delta to build an Empire that has never relinquished its commanding place in the world’s collective unconscious. From Alexander the Great to Champollion to Howard Carter, adventurous minds have cherished the dream of recovering the soul of this extraordinary civilization from among its majestic ruins. Paradoxically, modern advances in linguistics, excavation and carbon dating techniques have brought that dream closer to its realization than ever before. REDISCOVER THE ANCIENT MYSTERIES OF EGYPT offers a scintillating look at the state of Egyptology in the new millennium, through the eyes of the foremost scholar in the field today, Zahi Hawass. This collection is packed with ideas and images that will clear the cobwebs from your imagination!

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