• Relaxing Bird

    Grimms Spiel and Holz Design

  • $16.99

  • Description

    A smooth, simple bird-shaped grasping toy.

    There is something very relaxing about holding and stroking the smooth wood of the bird, or turning it over and over in your hand.

    A beautiful, calming toy for children and adults alike, and it looks wonderful displayed as well!

    Made in Germany by GRIMM'S Spiel & Holz Design, who have been making natural wooden toys since 1978. Parents love GRIMM'S Toys because designs by this German company advance creativity, leaving room for independent play through simple and reduced shapes. GRIMM'S Toys support holistic sensory perception & development. GRIMM'S Toys stimulate a harmonic color sense and are long-lasting and is ageless in design. GRIMM'S Toys have a special surface feel, that children want to touch, feel and experience with all their senses.

    German name of this product is: Vogel - Handchmeichler (Relaxing Bird)

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